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Thank you for taking the time to read about us and what we have to offer the local area, our neighbors and our local economy. L&M Motors was established in 1969 by David Mahlstedt. Dave's interest in cars is what fueled the business that he named after a partner Lauricella and self Mahlstedt. The business has seen a lot of ups and downs as well as growth and downsizing. L&M grew from a repair shop with 4 employees, into a parts yard with7 employees, and then with a body shop and 2 locations as well as 18 employees at it's peek. We have most recently, in April 2009, downsized from our main shop to our used car lot location and have a total of 8 very experienced and knowledgeble staff. Just like the northeast and most of the country we are battling the economy and it's challenges. The downsize was no doubt a result of the economy but has been a positive step in these hard economic times. Our business is now focused on used car sales, repairs, and outstanding customer service.

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