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  • Paw It Forward Dog Training, LLC. is located at Schenectady ,NY and can be contacted at 518-522-5668

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  • Garage/Yard Sale
    Garage/Yard Sale
    Posted: 08/23/2011
    Where: Schenectady, NY 12306
    When: 08/27/2011

    GARAGE/YARD Sale:  Paw It Forward Dog Training, 917 River Road (Route 5S),  Rotterdam, NY  12306.  All proceeds going towards the thousands of dollars we've spent to date to save our youngest puppy's leg. She has a deformity due to a growth plate malfunction making her leg grow crooked. She has had two surgeries and will need physical therapy so we are throwing a garage sale to help offset the costs. 

    Bake Sale, Household Items, Toys, Clothing, Tile Cutter, Toaster Ovens, Pictures, VCR and tapes, DVDs, music, dog training equipment, dog training demos, Reiki Energy healing treatments, Christmas stuff, train set and much more.... Parking in adjacent field.

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